white-hall-outdoorI am now in year 5 and tomorrow is my 4th week of being a year 5. Last week on Monday and Tuesday I went to white hall with my school and it was awesome! Here is the list of everything I did. Also we were in teams. I’ll just show you Mondays timetable.


  1. Climbing wall.      There was a whole room with rough plastic rocks to hold onto and we played some games.
  2. Orienteering.        We got a map and had to find the white posts that were around white hall. They also had letters on them which spelt a word. The word we spelt was DRINK.
  3. Fire Pond                 We had 2 planks of wood and 2 big ropes. we tied them together and someone on my team went across and fell in! ( sort of.) We got a bit stuck so our instructor got another big plank just when it started to rain. Eventually we all got across. But I was the last one across and the first one to get across there and back. It was really fun!
  4. Little zip                     Mini zip wire but we had to clip a rope to us.